Live Cleaner, Healthier, More Comfortably.

With Environments for Living® (EFL), your new Power House is earth-friendly because our energy-efficient features dramatically lower your energy costs and can save you as much as 45% every year on utility bills.

All of our single family homes and townhomes are designed and built in accordance with scientific building procedures. From energy-efficiency and comfort, to exceeding the Environments for Living® standards, the new home you purchase from Ashton Woods delivers continual enhanced performance.

Since Ashton Woods Homes is the only builder with Power House Green and Environments for Living®; two programs designed with healthy and comfortable living in mind, you'll save on energy bills, live healthier, and feel a comfort level you never thought possible. To learn more about the science behind Power House Green, view our video.


Stop Spending. Start Saving.

Find out exactly how much money you'll save. Use our Energy Performance Savings Calculator to compare savings of a new energy-efficient home from Ashton Woods against typical other new and used homes.

Now, with the Department of Energy’s new E-Scale rating system, you can see how a new, low-energy scoring home from Ashton Woods compares to other homes.

With low-e windows, low-flush toilets and plenty more low-energy features, your utility costs could be as much as 45% lower in a new home from Ashton Woods.

Remember, a lower score saves you more!

Stop spending money on high energy costs. Start saving money with a new, energy-efficient home. Find the energy-efficient, economical new home you’ve been looking for.

Homes that Save the Environment.

Ashton Woods Homes has always been on the leading edge of providing homeowners healthier, more energy-efficient living environments, and we’re proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label.

ENERGY STAR certified new homes are designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today, delivering energy efficiency savings of up to 30 percent when compared to typical new homes. A new home that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing, and verification to meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), delivering better quality, better comfort, and better durability.*

ENERGY STAR certified homes from Ashton Woods offer homebuyers all the features they want in a new home. Plus energy-saving features like effective insulation systems, high-performance windows, tight construction and ducts, properly sized and installed efficient heating and cooling equipment, efficient products, and third-party verification of energy performance are all included.

Ashton Woods Homes built 949 ENERGY STAR certified homes in the span of one year. Collectively, these homes will save our homeowners nearly $424,203 on utility bills each year.

That’s not all. The environmental benefits of those 949 ENERGY STAR certified homes we built are equal to the equivalent of:

  • Eliminating the emissions from 465 vehicles;
  • Saving 2,812,836 lbs of coal;
  • Planting 769 acres of trees; or
  • Saving the environment 5,516,537 pounds of CO2 per year.

For more information about ENERGY STAR®, visit

*Source: ENERGY STAR Consumer Messaging Guide (

NOTE: Individual energy savings may vary depending on factors such as home location and usage. Ashton Woods Homes does not guarantee energy savings associated with ENERGY STAR ratings.

ENERGY STAR certified homes may not be available in all communities. Please see an Ashton Woods Homes Sales Agent or contact an Internet Concierge for additional details.

Advanced Building Techniques.

The Environments For Living® program is the leading, national program designed to assist builders in constructing and marketing homes utilizing the principles of building science. Building science is the discipline of looking at a house as an integrated system of systems that all work together, using advanced building techniques.

Environments For Living®-certified homes deliver energy-efficiency, indoor environmental quality and durability benefits.

Many of the requirements that must be met for a certified Environments For Living® home – tight construction, air pressure balancing, optimum value engineering, internal moisture management, combustion safety – may seem to be things all builders do, and things all homes have. But the reality is that the conventional, code-built homes today just don’t.

A home built with the Environments For Living® program offers a limited guarantee on energy used for heating and cooling your home. Because of the combination of special framing techniques, improved insulation systems and efficient ductwork, we can manage the energy you use to heat and cool your home. These building science techniques help ensure that you won't have a comfort problem — like a media room or guest bedroom that never seems to get cool enough in summer, or warm enough in winter.

Homes constructed with Environments For Living® can even provide you with potentially greater resale value.

For more information about Environments For Living® program,

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