From classic to modern, eclectic to traditional, Design is the stylistic fingerprint that makes your home one of a kind. And our experts have all the inspiration you need to create your perfect style.

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Explore Industrial Design

With rough wood, exposed brick, and heavy metals, Industrial design adds edgy style to any home.

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5 Ways to Use Rhythm in Your Home

Use the design principle, Rhythm, to create a home that sings like a symphony.

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Explore Traditional Design

Elevate your home’s design with traditional elements and it’ll never go out of style.

Ashton Woods, Claremore

The Avery Model Inspiration

The design for our Claremore Manor Avery model was inspired by Woodstock’s old meets new vibe and Tuscany’s classic style.

Ashton Woods Limehouse Living Room

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home

No outfit would be complete without accessories and neither would your home.


Patterned Tile: A Fresh Take on an Old Idea

Discover how to inject life and personality into your home with a new twist on an old trend.


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More than cabinets and countertops, our Studio is where dreams come true. Before the furniture goes in and the memories are made, spend some time imagining the possibilities.

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Countertops, Countertops, Countertops

The choices for your kitchen counters are nearly endless. Let the Studio team help you choose the perfect material for you.

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The Jewelry of Cabinets

Finish your cabinets with the same flair you apply to your favorite outfits.

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Everyone Loves a Parade…Of Homes

There’s nothing quite like an in-person home tour. That’s what makes the Parade of Homes so special.

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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Our motto for home design: inspiration can come from anywhere!


Spouting Off

Create a kitchen that’s beautiful and functional with Moet faucets.

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Beat the Heat

No matter the season, a fireplace is a cozy, stylish place to gather.


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Architecture is the foundation of a beautiful, functional home. In the hands of a master, every detail can inspire and tell a story.


Eclecticism or Convenience?

Gather your inspiration and let our team turn it into perfectly curated home design.


Exhibit at Milan Salone

When you work at Ashton Woods, the world is literally […]

drawing 6

Drawing Techniques: How They Enhance Design

Question…have you ever described a three dimensional element like a […]


The House is the Star

We’ve all fallen in love with a heartthrob on the big screen. It’s easy to get drawn into a movie or TV show and begin fantasizing. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have fallen in love watching a movie, and I must confess that one of my […]


There’s No Place Like Home

What makes a house a home? That seems like an easy question to answer: people. But is it really that simple? All of us call someplace home. And many of us cherish a place that someone else calls home. It might be a familiar place from your past, a house in […]

the overcup

Architecture is Regional

When you travel to great cities like New York, Charleston, or San Francisco, you know where you are because of the built environment. Think of the architectural style of New York’s brownstones, the brick Victorians of […]


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With experience in every aspect of home-building and design, our experts are authorities in their field and they can’t wait to share their knowledge with you.

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Jay Kallos

Vice President of Architecture

valerio cropped 4

Valerio Muraro

Director of Design

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Leigh Spicher

Director of Design Studio

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