April 17, 2019

Jay Kallos

Name: Jay Kallos

Why AW? Our product, culture, and people are the best in the business and we are charged to give our customers - both internal and external - the best house and customer service possible. We are expected to be innovative. We are collaborative. Everything is more than the sum of its parts. On the product side, we most often offer city and neighborhood specific plans, home building version of farm to table. Most of our competitors offer the same plan everywhere. Home is... You. Your family. Your friends. The canvas that you paint your life on. Home is where your heart is. Its filled with love, laughter, tears, memories, and so much more. It is where you do your favorite things - cook, garden, entertain, recharge, regroup, and live. Home is an extension of you - it is one of a kind and beautiful.

Favorite Space in the Home: Wherever I am at a given moment. We love to cook and entertain so the smells in the kitchen and the excitement of getting ready to welcome guests starts there and then spills into the rest of the house as friends and family arrive. Sitting in the dining room eating great food with great people and great beverages. Time in the garden. Curled up in my favorite chair. Enjoying the escape into our peaceful bedroom.

Place That Most Inspires You: Inspiration is everywhere you just need to look for it, but great places are more difficult to find. Towns to explore, that envelop you. I love the towns of Seaside, Rosemary Beach, and Alys Beach on the _____ of Florida. The cities of NYC, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Small towns like Pienza, Italy and Manayunk, Pennsylvania.

Partnership is... What makes the world go around and better! The more ideas, effort, insight, and points of view the better.

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