April 17, 2019

Feels Like Home: The Atlanta Studio by Ashton Woods

October 20, 2015:

Leigh Spicher

The Atlanta Studio…Feels like home. No, really. It’s the mothership; a true Ashton Woods icon. A decade of vision and dreams come to life. I revel in the thought of all of the incredible minds it took to bring it to life. It’s simply extraordinary. The Atlanta Studio was built with one thing in mind: how do we deliver world-class service alongside world-class design? The answer was easy – People. I am convinced that AW is home to the very best designers and builders in the business, and we align ourselves with industry experts dedicated to excellence. The Atlanta Studio was built with exceptional attention to detail, providing countless homeowners the opportunity to experience an unparalleled design journey as they create their home.AW is many things, but in my view (from The Studio), it is hope in a beautiful package. In this case, The Atlanta Studio. It is the hope that everyone can build and experience home; a place of their own…where they can create a happy life and a legacy. When I step into The Atlanta Studio, I am reminded of all of the hopeful people that trust us to build a home for them. I love to consider the lives that will be lived inside our homes. It’s fun to watch people choose something as simple as the perfect faucet and know it will be the source for their children’s clean little fingers. Or watch as a homeowner falls breathless in front of our lighting gallery…knowing they will choose, quite literally light that will illuminate moments of their life. Dramatic? Yes. But for all of us at the AW Studios, joy is found in helping homeowners pick just the right paint or millwork that will frame the interior of their home for years to come. The Atlanta Studio is, as we say at Ashton Woods, home to inspiration. Atlanta homeowners will experience endless design inspiration and possibilities through methodically fashioned bath and kitchen vignettes that span various genres and tastes. Atlanta also offers additional inspiration with color palettes created by some of the best designers in the country. Homeowners can bring their own personal inspiration too. The Atlanta designers are experienced, educated, passionate people. They can help bring any inspiration to life. Visit The StudioI could go on and on about the meticulously chosen sample walls or the countless opportunities Atlanta offers for flooring and countertops, but Atlanta stands apart for its gorgeous formal living room: a contemporary Southern parlor that homeowners will experience upon entry. It is Southern hospitability at its finest. There is also a gourmet kitchen, often home to fun cooking demos. Do you like technology? Don’t wait to go and stand in front of Atlanta’s life-size video wall where you’ll experience a digital design story. Oh, and don’t forget the gold duck. Don’t ask. Just make an appointment and go. I recently shared The Studio with a friend, and as we stepped inside, she said, “I feel like I just stepped into Heaven.” Bingo. I can go home now. Again with the drama? Yes. But The Atlanta Studio is just that…Dramatic. Special. 

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