2020 Spring Design Trends

March 11, 2020

Three 2020 Spring Design Trends that make my heart happy.


Natural Wood: What better way to usher in Spring, than with some nature inspire wood elements? We especially love lighter, natural woods on cabinets, floors and even the ceiling. We can expect a rise in design elements that embrace imperfections and celebrate natural character.


Vinyl Floors: With the rise of homes that are home to our furry friends (also another sweet tenant of Spring), we can expect luxury vinyl plank flooring to be trending. It’s uber durable and most styles are even waterproof. This is not throwback vinyl. It is contemporary, beautiful and better yet…it’s pretty affordable too.


Less is more: Spring 2020 brings an awareness to focus on “what’s most important”. In design, that means we are seeing simplicity and quality over ornate and overdone.

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