May 14, 2019

To Do or Not To Do: Six Design Tips for Homeowners

By Cathyrn Cash: Austin Studio

1. Wood You Believe it’s Okay to Mix-and-Match Stains?

It’s true. In fact, we generally suggest avoiding matching wood cabinet stain to wood floor stain. Why? Because while they may technically match, they can create a very flat design with a dull aesthetic.

So, we suggest floors that contrast and complement the cabinets, in order to elevate the room and avoid a case of the “blahs” in your space.

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2. Three is the Magic Number

Gone are the days when woodsy retreats were expected to be very dark — or even feature one pattern. There are some new rules in town!

From feature walls to chevron floors, today it’s perfectly acceptable to have up to three complementary wood stains in a single room. So, explore the space…and happy decorating!

Visit Carmel, an Ashton Woods community located in Austin, TX.

3. Everything’s not Black and White

Most people think that black and white are bold colors — and hesitate to use them in their design palettes.  In actuality, they’re both considered neutral and can be added to any color scheme to infuse movement or emotion to a number of spaces.

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4. A Million Shades of Gray

Gray is another popular neutral that’s currently adding depth and warmth to clean and modern residential and commercial spaces, all across the country.

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5. Consistency is the Key to Good Design

It’s okay to have different finishes in different rooms — as long as the style is the same. For example, if you have modern slab cabinetry in the kitchen, you wouldn’t go and put traditional raised panel cabinetry in the bathrooms, right?

Why? Because consistency is the key to good design.

And this simple rule also applies to additional items that help to complete the look of your home including, but not limited to: your baseboards, door casings, hardware etc.

Making sure these items match or are coordinated is the first step in creating an exciting space with a seamless look.

Visit Carmel, an Ashton Woods community located in Austin, TX.

6. Your Home is YOUR Haven

Lastly, when it comes to designing a space, it’s okay to ask for help.

And that’s where the expertise of a designer can come into play.

But remember to trust your gut and try to avoid asking them “what would you do?” too much.

After all, it is your home.

And while designers are there to help facilitate and guide you through the process, ultimately their job is to help you figure out what works best for you, your home and your lifestyle.

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