April 23, 2019

Fresh Perspective: Hot New Tools for the Kitchen

Whether you live to cook or simply love a perfect cup o’ joe, these new appliances can take your kitchen to the next level. How would you use these newest appliances?

Jenn-Air’s ah-mazing built in coffee maker has it all. Good bye Keurig! This holier-than-Starbucks machine freshly grinds your beans before brewing, has attachments for frothing milk, instant-hot water spout, everything except the kitchen sink. This machine can be installed into a wall oven cabinet with very few modifications and take the place of 3-4 countertop appliances. This do-it-all at-home barista station can make two regular coffees or cappuccinos at a time for that mega caffeine fan or serve the masses at your next get-together!

Sourced by: Jenn-Air 

Accompany these great coffee treats with baked goods! Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Jenn-Air have all introduced the smart appliances that gauge progress and help bake your lemon bars and French macarons right from your phone. They have joined forces with Yummly to help you with everything from recipe inspiration and required ingredients to sending cooking times and pre-heated temperatures right to your appliance.

Pick directly from the LED display on your ovens for the desired doneness of your holiday roast without pre-heating or setting a timer. Instead of missing the mark on your grandmother’s no-fail roasted chicken, simply input the type of cooking pan you are using to correctly gauge cooking times. Throw in that frozen dessert and allow the oven to preheat, cook, and keep your pie warm while dining with the slightest disturbance of a quick notification to your phone. The automation of these appliances is state of the art and the design is top notch.

New Cooktops and Rangetops with up to 9 burners in varying sizes, with different functions, are designed so you can truly have it all in the standard kitchen space. Simmer that gravy without the risk of burning it, get those potatoes to that perfect rolling boil, and steam those vegetables at a consistent temperature. Double Oven free-standing ranges offer the same convenience and size of the true double ovens without redefining your kitchen layout. Cook your green beans while roasting that tenderloin at different temperatures in the same space!

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Multi-task and use your microwave for more than warming up leftovers. Put it to good use with a convection fan that now allows you to actually bake or roast in there. With steam and simmer sensors, you can even “microwave” pasta!

No matter your space, you’ll love the possibilities that new appliances can bring to tedious kitchen tasks.

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