The New Sunrooms: Your Happy Place

May 14, 2019

By Leigh Spicher

Ahhh, your “happy place.” The place where you go to relax, relate and release. Some people think that it takes a huge space or hundreds of dollars to create an amazing space, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, it doesn’t matter what size your space or budget is, but what does matter is the amount of light inside of your space. Surprised or wondering why this is important?

Well, science tells us that sunlight increases serotonin, and serotonin makes us happier. And that’s why sunrooms are the perfect spots to create your happy place.

Whether you decide to use your sunroom for meditation and reading, or maybe you just want a cozy, warm spot to listen to music or nap, the natural light in most sunrooms is perfect for so many different activities.

Are you ready to create your own “happy place?” Remember, it’s important to identify how you’ll use your sunroom before choosing finishes like paint or flooring —  and that’s where a good design objective comes into play.

So, if you want your sunroom to be the “serotonin superstar” it’s meant to be, just apply these three basic design principles.

1. Balance: No, this doesn’t mean that you have to have the same amount of windows or chairs on each side of the room. But it does mean you should try to spread the furnishings evenly throughout the space to achieve…you guessed it, a balanced look.

2. Rhythm: This simply refers to a repeating pattern, like chevron or herringbone. I love the use of a natural material like brick or hardwood in a sunroom. You can create your own natural rhythm by repeating colors, finishes or textures throughout your space to give it a personalized, feel-good vibe.

3. Harmony: The wonderful thing about sunrooms is that they don’t have to be exclusively used for “sun.”  These spaces are made to be filled with harmony — a design principle that allows the mixing of different elements, like stone and wood.  When you create your sunroom, be sure to personalize your space and fill it with different elements that make you feel good. This sunroom is a great example of moonlight and music, perhaps the greatest example of harmony.

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