December 2, 2020

When Home for the Holiday is Every Day: 6 Fun Ways to Usher in Joy with Home Design

It’s here.


The “new” normal.

Going home for the holidays just means walking into the next room.

I almost put up a Christmas tree in October because last year’s rules no longer apply (and I was cleaning out my garage, again).

The new normal.

It can be good.

Really good.

The new normal means we use the fancy glasses and Grandma’s china every day.

The new normal means that home is now a vacation destination.

It also means my pajamas are now office attire and there is no such thing as back to school shopping.

I love these days.

The new normal means that we treat life like every day is a holiday.

The new normal has taught us that we should celebrate life and the gifts it brings

So, let’s have fun and be safe at home for the holidays.


Here are 6 Fun Ways to Usher in Joy with Home Design...


#1 Paint the Town (or just a favorite room)

Repeat after me. It’s just paint. Paint is the single most “bang for your buck” you can get from home design. It can literally change the energy in the room. And the best’s temporary or at least easily changeable. My kitchen island gets a new color almost every year (insert eye roll from my family here). I call it the “mood island” …like those rings that change colors depending on your mood. Next week, my island will become Porpoise (Sherwin Williams 7047). It’s basically black. Does that mean I’m moody? Anyway, choose neutral furnishings that objectively balance your bold paint color. In other words, be bold with a wall or cabinet color that makes you joyful or jolly, even if that color is dark and powerful.


#2 Just Add Sparkly and Shiny

Like I said, last year’s rules no longer apply so add all things sparkly and just leave them there all year. I mean, why can’t we be festive all year long? Dress up for no reason other than life itself? The same is true for home design. Choose some lighting that has a serious sparkle factor (or at least some big personality). The same goes for plumbing or hardware. These items are the jewelry or party shoes to that little black dress. Without them, the room will be plain and sad. Add some sparkle and be the light.


#3 Embrace Imperfection and Differences

What I mean by that is that, I’m loving the return of warm, natural cabinets. Let’s have some stain and texture in our life. All of us are full of imperfection and so are the natural materials we often use for finishes in our homes. Use these imperfections (and life lessons) for stories. I love wood that shows the grain of the tree or the variation of conditions it grew in. Let’s bring that home for the holidays. 


#4 Disconnect and Invite Conversation

IMHO nothing is more disruptive to our lives than screens. Make sure there is a space in your home without one. During the holidays (or every day)…skip TV, the laptop, and definitely the smartphone (they do not make us smarter). Create space for meaningful conversation with your family and friends. Even the ones that share a different opinion than you. This holiday, you might just change the world.


#5 Mix it Up

Our homes do not need to match, and you do not need to be solely loyal to only one style. Just think of the people in your home. Chances are your dinner table is home to some diverse personalities. In laws? You? Enough said. Be brave and mix things up. It’s ok. If you still love a well-painted cabinet, mix it with a stained island. Do you love contemporary straight lines and arches? Use them both. In your home, you have permission to blend, mix, and love different textures, colors, and styles.


#6 Focus on What You Love

Yes. Yes. Of course, you love your family and friends (and pie) but what would you really love to have in a room (beside pie)? In proper, objective design each room has a focal point. There is no time like the holidays (remember that’s every day now), to usher in a focal point to your room to make it feel special. You can go big with tile on the kitchen island or wallpaper the ceiling or just something simple, like painting the pantry door a stand out color. Either way, these focal points make a space become a home. 

No matter how you celebrate. Enjoy the season and celebrate home for the holidays, every day.

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