April 17, 2019

5 Ways to Use Rhythm in Your Home

April 22, 2016:

Leigh Spicher

I’ve told you about the Five Principles of Design and how to use them in your design. Now let’s dig a little deeper into each principle and see how you can achieve it in your home! One of the best things about the Five Principles is that they not only make your home beautiful, they make it work better for you. Balance can bring calm to an otherwise hectic space. Proportion can make your space more functional as well as highlight what you love. Scale helps make your home fit your needs. Rhythm creates movement in your home design. Like the beat of your favorite song, Rhythm draws you in and makes you feel more alive. Everything in nature has its own rhythm, from your heartbeat to the tap, tap, tap of rain on a roof. Bringing this natural repetition into your home design adds a cadence that helps your space flow together. Here are five ways you can use this principle to feel the beat of your home design.

1. With Pattern: Patterns with repeating elements are the easiest way to introduce Rhythm into your design. A striped rug, herringbone floor tiles, or polka dot curtains are small accents that make a big difference. Go subtle with neutral colors and a simple pattern like thin stripes in similar tones or make a bold statement with bright colors and a stand-out pattern like checkerboard.

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2. With lighting: Instead of one large light fixture, try lining up pendant lamps over your kitchen island. Not only does this create a steady beat that can be echoed with bar stools, but it also ensures you're never working in the dark.

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3. With Seating: Create a sophisticated symphony in your dining room with chairs that contrast with your table. Rather than blending into the set, they'll stand out and draw the eye from one to the next. Echoing the chairs by using the same color in other elements like curtains continues the sense of Rhythm throughout the space creating a call and response between individual pieces.

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4. With Art: Personalize your wall with artwork that marches across the room to its own original beat. Using frames that are the same size and color can make even the most eclectic collection more cohesive.

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5. With Architecture: Build the music right into your home's design with architectural elements that keep the beat no matter what goes on around it. Columns and ceiling beams are classic details for good reason: they automatically inject Rhythm into an otherwise empty space.

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