October 16, 2017

Angelique Foster-Houston

You may or may not have noticed that in the latest season of Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna debuted their new design offices at the Magnolia Silos. In a unique change of pace, Joanna’s office is painted black, making it shocking, striking, and beautiful all at the same time.
HGTV Joanna GainesSource: HGTV
Black paint can be just the touch you need to bump up the wow factor in your bedroom, like how it adds a glamourous touch to this space, for example. If the walls were a plain white or even a light gray it would not be as impactful.
This black room, with strategic pops of color, creates a cozy environment that’s not too stuffy. I’d love to lay here and read a book on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Ashton Woods Estates at Mesa Oaks BlancoVisit The Estates at Mesa Oaks, an Ashton Woods community in San Antonio, TX
The black floors in this bathroom bring a modern touch.
Ashton Woods Hamlin Reserve CarlisleVisit Hamlin Reserve, an Ashton Woods community in Orlando, FL
This gallery wall draws you in and makes you want to explore.
If you aren’t quite ready to commit to that much black, however, here are a few ways to use it that may not be as overwhelming, but are still just as exciting.
Ashton Woods Heritage at Dunwoody OxfordVisit Heritage at Dunwoody, an Ashton Woods community in Atlanta, GA
Ashton Woods Fleming Park Kildeer Visit Fleming Park, an Ashton Woods community in Charleston, SC
Ashton Woods Pinebook Hills GreenvilleVisit Pinebrook Hills, an Ashton Woods community in Raleigh, NC
Decoist decorating with black and whiteSource: Decoist.com
Still too much? Try painting an alcove or nook, or start with a barn door painted with chalkboard paint.
Remember, just like lighter shades that show imperfections, a dark shade will show them as well. A matte or flat finish is the most forgiving and won’t highlight every scratch or bump on that wall.Is this new design trend something you think you can get behind? I hope some of these examples will make you want to run to the paint store and start painting!