April 23, 2019

Fashion Inspired Home Décor

July 20, 2015:

Valerio Muraro

Since the beginning of residential design, home décor has been inspired by the fashion trends of that time. This remains true today, as we see the clothes worn on the runway cross over to everyday life through home décor. There are five major fashion trends currently covering the boards of Pinterest: High Contrast, Vintage, Bohemian, Bold Prints, and Mod. These different fashion trends have distinct looks and can be tailored to fit individual personalities. And if you love one of these fashion trends, they just might be the perfect inspiration for your home décor style. High Contrast is a very easy and effective way to create drama in any outfit and just as easy translates to any space. Using contrasting colors such as black and white can create a dramatic and  lasting impression in any room. Using the contrasting elements of dark stained hardwood flooring with white painted walls can give a foyer a formal and elegant entrance into your home. This look, although very dramatic, is timeless and can be blended with several different styles of furniture and décor. François Halard for WSJ. MagazineFrançois Halard for WSJ. Magazine (above)  Marni Spring 2015Vogue: Marni Spring 2015Vintage is a distinctive style in fashion and home décor. It is a mix of soft, elegant touches with rustic and timeless elements. This delicate style can be created by using traditional elements that give way to soft, neutral colors with delicate fabrics. A rustic wood table with soft linen dining chairs, paired with a traditional crystal chandelier achieve the sought after elegance of Vintage Style. House BeautifulHouse Beautiful by Carol Prisant KenzasKenza ZouitenFlowing fabrics, mixed patterns, and bright colors define the Bohemian style. Rustic elements are created with brick and wood, mixed with soft plush fabrics on sofas and pillows using natural materials such as cotton upholstery and wool rugs, giving a comfortable and welcoming vibe to any room. It isn’t unheard of to find beaded or woven accessories or throw pillows that replicate the characteristics of ornamental jewelry and macramé knit tops. A lovely, loft space by Kim Ficaro for AnthropologieA lovely, loft space by Kim Ficaro for Anthropologie (left) Free PeopleFree PeopleBold Prints are as popular in home décor as they are in the fabric of your favorite blouse. A Bold Print can be the statement piece of any room just as it is in your wardrobe. It can be black and white or bright and colorful using every color on the spectrum. Bold prints can be used as flooring tiles or even a unique fabric upholstered on a chair or pillow. Like your favorite statement piece in your wardrobe, a bold print in home décor can make a statement of your personal style and boldness. AnthropologieAnthropologie M Loves M BlogM Loves M BlogMod is a unique and recognizable style that has been revived in the past few years. Mod is a style that displays clean and simple lines giving a piece of furniture a dramatic edge. The simplicity of the furniture, as in the fashion, focuses on  curves and geometric shapes. Most colors that are found in the Mod style are Jewel and Natural Wood tones mixed in with metallic golds and brass accents. The wood tones combined with the simplicity of the décor give a warm character to a home. The ApartmentThe Apartment: Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist  Hailee SteinfeldNylon: Hailee SteinfeldWith these unique styles in home décor inspired by fashion trends, you can find a style that connects with your personal fashion choice, letting your home reflect your own fashion runway you create walking around town. 

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