April 17, 2019

Happy Birthday "Centro Stile"

July 17, 2015:

Valerio Muraro


Here at Centro Stile, we just blew out our first candle.  One year has passed since we launched as the “heart of design” for Ashton Woods, and it has been an incredible year… an adventure, a long exciting journey that brought us to where we are today – designing beautiful homes for Ashton Woods’ homebuyers. “Centro Stile” is the heart of creativity, where ideas are brought to life.  It is a Home to Inspiration. The idea behind Centro Stile was to create the team, the entity, that would set the tone for the design of our future homes and elevate the soul of the house to a new level. Centro Stile is the result of experience, knowledge and skill, with the understanding that homes are created and lived in by people. The process begins with the interpretation of space and flow, envisioning new housing solutions based on people’s emerging needs. We then want to create a “WOW” effect through the use of balanced colors, textures and materials. There is always a story behind every model home we create.  It’s a journey wherein we strive to create memory points that spark the inspiration that lives within our homeowners. We look out-of-the-box, finding inspiration through travel and different ways of thinking about design. We are first and foremost a team with a passion for what we do.  We have the opportunity to work on beautiful projects across the country, engaging and inspiring our home buyers with every home we design.  What could be more a more fun way to pass our days? It has been a great first year for Centro Stile, and we can’t wait for all that is ahead, bringing unique and innovative design to Ashton Woods and our homeowners for many years to come. GRAZIE 

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