April 17, 2019

Leigh Spicher

Name: Leigh Spicher

Why AW? "We believe in design for you... not the masses. And The Studio experience is awesome!

Home is... "My sanctuary"

Favorite space in the home: "The Cake Corner! It’s the magical corner in my kitchen with a large stand mixer and a window to watch my children swing on our tree swing. Those are special days when the mixer is whirring, the window is open, and I can hear their joy and laughter floating on the breeze."

Place that most inspires you: "Anywhere I can learn... different people and places fascinate me."

Partnership is... "Individual people, coming together to collaborate for a common purpose.  In homebuilding, its my favorite part of the job. I love to listen to different homeowners wants, needs and even challenges. It is truly gratifying to be able to provide beautiful, personalized solutions."

Where We Build

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