December 8, 2015:

Leigh Spicher

I live to make the world a beautiful place, and that makes the holidays my favorite time of year. No matter how or what you celebrate, there seems to be an outpouring of effort to make everything sparkle and shine.
I think my favorite part of the holidays are the gifts. (No, not the gifts I get… although don’t get me wrong, those are amazing too). What I really love is the good energy and the vibe that’s created when people give.

During the holidays, people give time…to families or a favorite philanthropy. They also give thoughtfulness through the gifts chosen for loved ones. My favorite décor are those gifts, just waiting to make someone smile.

Source: ARTBAR Blog

I’m often asked about holiday decorating. My best advice: choose something memorable. Decorate with special art made by a child or an item that has been passed down through generations. Don’t get swept into retail madness…decorate with fresh seasonal flowers, fill your home with the fragrance of amazing food and decorate the world with giving.