April 23, 2019

2017 Home Design Trends: Mixed Metals

Elizabeth Miller, Phoenix Studio ManagerLong gone are the days when all of the design elements in your home have to match. This has never been more apparent than in one of the hottest new trends: mixing metals.  It used to be that you would never consider mixing chrome and brass in the same room, but “matchy matchy” is out, so feel free to get a little crazy with metal colors and textures.

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Mixing metals add visual interest and depth to a space. The easiest way to pull off this trend in your home is to start with one dominant metal.  If you have always gravitated towards silver or chrome, let this be your anchor color. Then, add pops of color with the other metal tone.

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Gold tone accents can really add warmth to an otherwise cool, gray color scheme   in a room. Architectural Digest mixed metals

When mixing metals, two usually works best.  Any more than three metal types can begin to get busy and overwhelming.You can also consider mixing the texture of the metals in a room.  Try combining smooth, hammered matte and polished metals together to create an interesting atmosphere.Furniture and hardware are another good way to introduce metal into your decorating. You can also consider mixing the metals in picture frames, artwork, textiles, and even wallpaper. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! HGTV mixed metals

Source: HGTV

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