April 23, 2019

Outside-The-Box Design: Subway Tile

March 5, 2018:

Ali Stockton, Dallas Studio Manager

Being a trailblazer in design sometimes means taking risks and braving uncharted territory. For our home buyers, the endless possibilities that live outside the proverbial ‘box’ may seem like the deep end of a swimming pool - intimidating as they perch on the end of the diving board. The key to successfully plunging in and navigating the deep waters of design? Anchor yourself to an element of classic style.From our expertly merchandised models to our undeniably welcoming elevations, we draw from the familiar and add a bit of the unexpected. In the same way, we aim to create the perfect 'wow' factor that will inspire our homeowners each time they step through the front door of their Ashton Woods home.Let’s explore using a  time-tested product in fresh ways:

New York City Hall Subway Station

Subway tiles have made their mark on history and still prove to be a classic. Traditionally, these tiles were produced in black and white, but today’s offerings have expanded into just about every shade under the sun.If you love the clean simplicity of white subway tiles, try using them to balance out a bold pattern on the floor. Don’t be afraid to pair this neutral product with something unexpected!

Ashton Woods Southern Hills Dallas, TX

Visit Southern Hills, an Ashton Woods community in Dallas, TX

Alternatively, colorful subway tiles can stand on their own – serving as durable, eye-catching wall treatments that set the tone for any space. Using a colorful subway tile gives you a head start when finishing the room with cabinets and accessories, since you can easily compliment the hue with a neutral color scheme.Diving into design can be understandably overwhelming—especially since inspiration can come from almost anywhere, as proven by the timelessness of subway tiles. Anchoring yourself to a classic element is a fantastic place to begin as you plan out your new Ashton Woods dream home, and our design studio experts are here to help you turn that dream into a reality.

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