April 26, 2017:

Tara Deans, Raleigh Studio Manager

From fashion, to cooking, to entertaining, to home design, the Pinterest craze has helped so many of us find great ideas and designs. Really, just about anything can be found on Pinterest. Design Consultants at Ashton Woods recommend that customers share their Pinterest pages, along with any other helpful sites like Houzz, to help Designers better understand a client’s style.
However, if you normally struggle with decisions, these tools might overwhelm you and sometimes “Pinterest Paralysis” can set in. You may become fearful of committing to an image because the constant pursuit of a better one derails you. You may start to think that the image you originally picked will never be perfect, or the best, or that there might just be a better image loaded tomorrow, or on another website. Maybe if you just search it differently…  Can’t you just feel your anxiety building? These expectations of perfection are just too much!
Ashton Woods Kildaire Crossing Raleigh, NCVisit Kildaire Crossing, an Ashton Woods community in Raleigh, NC
I recently attended a session on design where Deboni Sacre from Liv Design Collective, Inc., spoke about how to meet the higher demands and pressure that customers are putting on themselves, while trying to achieve Pinterest/Houzz perfection. The solution is simple: let us help you—otherwise, you may just get stuck.
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If Pinterest Paralysis sets in, take a deep breath, step away and talk to us. The Designers at the Studio by Ashton Woods are great at seeing your images and picking up on consistent themes, functions, colors and textures. It also helps when you look at the image and can tell us, “I specifically chose this because….”
The cabinets are gray

The countertops are marble

I love the light fixture

I have to have that backsplash

The flooring is amazing

I love the gold

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Narrowing everything down to your first gut instincts about the image and design will help you and your Designer move forward. There will always be more images, but we’re equipped to help you create your own personalized, perfect image.

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