April 23, 2019

The Avery Model Inspiration

June 29, 2015:

Valerio Muraro

In the quaint city of Woodstock, Southern hospitality meets historic ambiance, paired with a strong sense of community.  The town stays true to its roots; to a time when the railroad created an economy of wood carving and yarn spinning. Woodstock is built around glimpses of the past. Source: 30188-30189.comBecause the city has maintained its history over the years, you sense a nostalgic charm the moment you enter downtown Woodstock. From the old pharmacy to the train station that’s been converted into a restaurant, you’ll find an irresistible blending of new and old. Source: ExaminerWhen it came time to design the award-winning Avery model for our Claremore Manor community in Woodstock, we were inspired by the character of this city, which reminded us of the Tuscan lifestyle. In Tuscany, the warm atmosphere emits peace and serenity. Friends and guests are welcomed, and together they rediscover the traditions and flavors of the past. https://www.flavoursholidays.co.uk/blog/painting-courses-tuscany-painting-vistas/Source: Flavours HolidaysOur mood-concept photo showcased an inspiring mix of materials. We presented brick, rustic wood, and terracotta tiles to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. http://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/atelier-am-william-hablinski-las-vegas-house-slideshow#9Source: Architecture DigestStaying true to our cities of inspiration, we incorporated exposed brick walls and stained wood beams to add character and a sense of old world charm. Visit Claremore Manor, an Ashton Woods community in Atlanta, GA. Antique-reminiscent tiles create a dramatic backsplash in the kitchen. In the Master Bath, terracotta paver tiles complement the brick accent wall.Inspiration can come from anywhere! It is rewarding for us to create and watch our design blossom into a unique, sophisticated, personalized home. 

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