January 29, 2016:

Ashton Woods

This week we are proud to announce that Ashton Woods’  “Keyhole Campaign” received the Gold Award for Best Overall Advertising by this year’s National Association of Home Builders.  “Through digital, print and out-of-home advertising, the Keyhole Campaign tells our story of inspired design,” said Carrie Schonberg, vice president of marketing at Ashton Woods. “We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, which is the creative focus of this campaign. It’s all about our commitment to design, personalization and possibilities and how that fuels our passion to deliver inspired homes to each and every Ashton Woods homebuyer.”
In addition to advertising, you’ll see our design philosophy at work in a wide range of places. In this very blog, for instance, you’ll read stories of personal inspiration from design experts and other contributors.  You’ll see inspired design in our award-winning model homes. And at our Studios you’ll find homebuyers collaborating with Ashton Woods designers in fun, inspirational environments to create homes that are unique to them.

At Ashton Woods, we believe that sometimes the key to a truly inspired home lives outside the world of homebuilding. Together, with homeowners, we look beyond the conventional and draw inspiration from places like art, architecture, music, even fashion. Staying in touch with worlds both near and far allows us to blaze new trails in design and continue to build homes that reflect the unique people who live in them. It’s why Ashton Woods is truly a “Home to Inspiration.”


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