April 23, 2019

Taste of Seaside

July 16, 2015:

Valerio Muraro

Beach Design Series Part I

There is a story behind the first project of Centro Stile: the beach. No matter where you are from or the type of beach vacation you experienced, the memories are special. Without question, there is something that draws us to the beach. It could be the sound of rhythmic waves. It may be the salt and sand on fresh, sun-kissed skin, or the memories of time spent with friends and family. It is just plain good. This is not only true here in the states but also in my home country, Italy. You would work hard and plan all your free days with friends at the beach. And it would be good! It was what got me through those tough tests the last month of university and what I wait for now every July. The beauty of seeing my children pass their days on the beach; Simply beautiful, simply good. When I was given an opportunity to develop a theme for our community in Naples, FL, the choice was clear: the beach! I love to travel and my journeys have given me many opportunities to experience amazing beach vacation spots around the world; each rich in culture and each with a story to be told. I would like to take you on a small journey through my beach inspiration.The Coastal Living home is inspired by the beautiful communities from the 30A area. This area is known for its traditional American beach-town style. Wood cottages painted in bright colors line the white-sand beaches of the Florida Panhandle. Rustic and well-appointed wood painted in soft colors fill sunlit rooms ideal for the family to gather in after a day spent in the emerald waters. French doors lead you to a playful backyard perfect for BBQ’s and family pool parties. Every detail from the ship-lapped walls to the contrasting dark American oak floor welcomes opportunities to create lasting memories.  

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