February 26, 2018:

Lauren Bedair, Houston Studio Manager 

As a designer, my favorite jobs are usually the weird ones! Shaking things up and creating something that is unusual, and even a little bit challenging, might take a little more work, but the outcome can be so exciting!
One of my favorite projects involved a fully custom dog room—with a custom cabinet and sink, a sprayer and custom openings to fit the dog crates, this mudroom was converted into a dog lover’s dream! Who needs a mud room? Not this lady! It has gone to the dogs, so to speak.
HGTV dog friendly mudroomSource: HGTV
The more research I did while working on this project, the more I realized these dog rooms are revolutionizing mud rooms and laundry rooms.
There are so many ways to customize these and make them your own. What you’d need for a large dog will differ from what you’d need for a smaller lap dog. Hooks for leashes? Cubbies for dog food? What about a pull out drawer with food bowls?
It could be as simple as a large sink or as elaborate as a full shower with frameless glass and mosaic tile!
Ashton Woods The Grove Atlanta Kensington ModelVisit The Grove, an Ashton Woods community in Atlanta, GA
If you are a dog person, you’re probably sitting there thinking “OMG! This is the best idea!!” Not a dog person, however? No problem. My advice for any homeowner is to add “YOU” to your home! If dogs aren’t your thing, what is?
If it’s baking, what about an appliance lift for that professional mixer? Coffee your thing? Customize a corner of your kitchen for your own coffee bar. The point is, whatever your “thing” is, use that to make your home your own. Even if you can’t make every detail of your home custom, find where you can. It will be your own special detail that makes it uniquely you and brings you a bit of excitement every time you get to enjoy it!

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