March 27, 2020

Being Home in our Favorite Spaces. What if We Like it?

You’ve seen them. The endless memes about lack of toilet paper, working with from home or how our pants won’t fit in a month from endless snacking and nowhere to go.

Funny. Not funny.

Today it feels bad, and if laughing at the lack of TP or being homebound makes it better, that’s ok. But wait.

Things are about to change.

In a wonderfully profound way.

We are finding beauty in being home and reconnecting with loved ones. Health and wellness are being thrust into the cultural spotlight. The universe has forced us to focus on what’s important.


Yes, we want health and safety.

Yes, we want the economy to prevail and prosper.

Yes, we want to travel and have adventure.

Yes, we want to know it is safe to talk to a stranger in line at Starbucks.

All of these things will come back to us.


Maybe we don’t want everything to go back to the way things were?

What if instead of fast food, home is the place where you invite neighbors over for dinner?

What if home is where you work?

What if home is where your children learn (and play of course)?

What if home is where you pursue a skill, hobby or side hustle?

What if home is where we focus our attention and find true sanctuary?

Let’s look at what it could mean to be home in our favorite spaces…


What if our kitchens were designed with healthy materials, like antibacterial countertops and faucets we don’t even have to touch?


What if we brought back spaces to invite our favorite people over for a game night?


What if we designed dedicated spaces for work?


What if the dining room became important again? Or what if it was ok for it to be multi-purposed? What if it was ok to stack laundry here, do homework and ok…eat together here? It’s really about getting together, no matter the occasion.


What if we could create simple spaces for any generation to escape with a book, iPad or a go-to quiet place to learn?

There is a lot of uncertainty in our world right now. But what if we find peace in being home? There’s a lesson buried deep inside this moment that can have a ripple effect on our health and well-being for years to come.

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