February 9, 2018

Ashton Woods 

We love any excuse to dote on loved ones. That’s why we look forward to Valentine’s Day every year. The only bad side? Come February 14th, every restaurant and movie theatre in town will be packed with long lines. This Valentine’s Day, join us in skipping the usual, hectic night-out for an intimate night-in.
Whip Up A Romantic Meal

With a spacious Ashton Woods kitchen, you can cook a great meal anytime you want. But tonight, you should pull out all the stops. And spices. If you don’t have a favorite go-to meal, here are some romantic recipe ideas to get your juices flowing. Click the below links for more details:

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Set the Mood

This is the perfect opportunity to put your fireplace and dimming switch to good use. To go the extra mile, we suggest lighting a few candles, too. Let the soft, warm light dance around the room. Speaking of dancing, Spotify has plenty of romantic playlists you can stream all evening.

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Find the Best Seat in the House

It’s important to keep things cozy with plush seating. Is your dining room the perfect place to relax while you enjoy your romantic meal? Or is there some other nook that would make your meal more intimate? The more cushions, the better.

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Make A Post-Dinner Toast

You’ve hopefully spent most of the evening staring into each other’s eyes. Now it’s time to look up. And by that, we mean stargazing. Take your dessert and wine out to the terrace or porch for a post-dinner toast. You put each other first tonight, and that’s worth celebrating.

Ashton Woods Aria Atlanta Visit Aria, an Ashton Woods community in Atlanta, GA

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