February 7, 2020

10 Rooms we LOVE for February

I fall in love every day.

At work.


I love the constant evolution of new designs, new color and creative ideas in homes.

I love that you can create the same kind of “vibe” (that’s the coolest word for style that also includes the energy of the room), with different finishes and colors that can transcend different budgets.

I love that more and more homeowners want to personalize their homes and specific rooms to meet their needs. They don’t seem as concerned about resale or what their neighbors might be purchasing.

I love that good design today has become “a thing”. It’s a thing that we can all have, and I love that I work in a place where the designers are creating personal design stories and color palettes with homeowners in mind. These palettes make decision making easy and good design fail proof.

I love how shopping for good design has changed. In 2020, we say goodbye to endless, overwhelming choices and say hello to finishes that have been carefully curated by professional designers. I love that more time is spent focused on “the vibe” and how we want our homes to feel and less time on mundane, painful details like grout or hardware.

I love that we are over (so 2010) designing rooms to inspire but no one can afford. In 2020, I love that we are getting real.

I love that good design today includes quality, function and aesthetics. 

I love that we design rooms for special moments in life.


Below are 10 Rooms we LOVE:


The Casual Room

Well balanced texture and interesting patterns make this casual room a place we wish we could stay and lounge for a while. We’d love to read a good book here.


The Bold Room

The green feels unexpected here and that’s what makes it perfect. It’s the perfect complement to the simple, neutral furnishings. We love that this room could work with any bold color.


The Unusual Focal Point Room

Say what? Blue cabinets in the family room? Yes please! Keep things interesting with unusually placed pops of color. We love visual interest.


The Rhythm Room

You can literally feel the design principle perfection transcend this room as the light fixtures keep perfect rhythm through the space. Those cabinets are fabulous too. We love pretty much everything about this room.


The “No TV” Room

We love the contemporary family room that promotes conversation and gathering over electronics.


The Balanced Black & White Room

Black is the new neutral and when it is used in place of typical white trim it creates a certain kind of uniqueness in the room. We love how the stark contrast of bold black and bright white work together here.


The Polka Dot Bathroom

We love the combination of patterns (dots and subway) along with the contrast of color and materials. The combo of bronze and brass is divine too.


The New Coastal Country Bedroom

Whenever you can combine a little country and a little coastal it makes for a masterful combo. This room is also the perfect example of layered textures. We love that pop of red on the neutral floor too.


The Roosevelt Room

Aptly named because it is both astute and approachable. Notice those uber neutral window panels? They frame the space and allow the personal furnishings and fireplace to be focal. We love a room that feels important and stately as well as a place we could just sit and chill.


The Best of Everything Neutral Room

Natural wood, taupe, gray and white mixed in with pops of metal and iron make this room home to all the things we love.

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