April 17, 2019

Ashton Woods Debuts Unique Studio in Houston

February 12, 2015

Ashton Woods Homes recently unveiled a design studio unlike any other in Houston where buyers can easily plan a home that — like The Studio — is unique. The Studio, at 10110 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite A-100, is 7,800 square feet, more than double the builder’s previous 3,000-square-feet design center. But its vast size is far from its most impressive difference. Buyers can walk a “Hall of Inspiration” that features three bath and three kitchen vignettes. These complete rooms boast three separate styles — traditional, transitional and contemporary — and demonstrate how large details like countertops and cabinets work together with smaller nuances such as hardware and textures to create a cohesive look. “The vignettes are presented in glass ‘jewel boxes’ reflective of the crisp design of the entire Studio,” said Paul Sims, division president of Ashton Woods Homes Houston. “By presenting entire, well-appointed rooms, we are helping our buyers visualize the many possibilities available when personalizing your Ashton Woods home.” The Hall of Inspiration leads the buyer to galleries of flooring choices, cabinet samples, backsplash and other areas where they can begin the selection process of items curated from around the globe by a team of designers. “However, instead of racks and racks of samples, we have ‘conceal and reveal’ cabinets that present our many available choices in a manner that is less intimidating than a typical design center and helps our homeowners streamline the decision-making process,” Sims said. Buyers can choose from traditional selections to the more unusual, including counter surfaces, such as marble, honed granite or leathered granite, and specialty flooring that is offered in unique patterns and sizes. “Our Studio consultants help our buyers realize the possibilities available through design and help them bring their ideas to life,” said Leigh White, national director of design studios for Ashton Woods. “And they do their due diligence, preparing in advance for the visit so they can guide clients creatively and efficiently. We want to deliver an elevated service to our buyers, more of an upscale shopping experience than a big box store mentality.” Samples are stored in white cabinets, walls are painted white and conference tables are white Silestone, purposeful choices to reduce the visual noise often found in other facilities. To design The Studio in Houston, Ashton Woods partnered with Anna Simone of Cecconi Simone, Inc., an internationally renowned interior design firm based in Toronto. She has worked with Ashton Woods to design new Studios in several other markets, including Raleigh, N.C., Charleston, S.C., and Phoenix, AZ. “Anna is a tremendous design partner who brings a wealth of experience and international inspiration to Ashton Woods,” White said. The redesign of the Studios was prompted by Ashton Woods’ commitment to giving its buyers an enriched home-buying experience that focuses on personalization and customer service. “The Studio is where design, personalization and possibilities come to life,” White said. “We use our Studio to inspire our buyers to imagine the possibilities of their home.” And buyers are relishing the new Studio.  “What we have found is that buyers want to stay, visit and come back with their families,” White said. “They are definitely feeling inspired and, with the help of our Studio consultants are realizing the possibilities of home ownership to the fullest and creating homes born of inspiration and built with great care.” For more information on Ashton Woods Homes, visit www.ashtonwoods.com.

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