April 23, 2019

Growing Up in Fantasyland

January 12, 2016:

Jaclyn Davis, Orlando Studio Manager

Thousands of children dream of coming to Disney World and as a child, I was spoiled rotten enough that I not only had season passes, but could pull through those magical gates within ten minutes of leaving my house. Source: Walt Disney WorldMy parents moved to Orlando without much knowledge of the city, but found it to be a wonderful environment for raising children. It’s a melting pot of ethnicities which, at a young age, exposed me to unique cultures, languages and traditions. I took field trips “around the world” at Epcot and attended birthday parties in Wonderland. I fell asleep to the sound of fireworks and spent countless days making lifelong memories in the parks with my friends and family. It’s a bit surreal that, twenty-five years later, I am working on new-home communities that provide the same proximity to the park and the same experience for young families that I grew up with.  And with limited land in that area, Latham Park will be the last opportunity to get this close.Visit Latham Park, an Ashton Woods community in Orlando, FL.The community’s sales agents can tell you all about the lakes, golf courses, hospitals, shopping, community amenities and convenient highway access. But the goosebumps you’ll get from having a front row seat to Disney’s fireworks in your own backyard will be what really seals the deal.  There’s no other community like it and frankly, there never will be again. Source: Walt Disney World 

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