April 17, 2019

Interior Design Inspired by Fashion: Plaid Edition

Fashion design trends are not only inspiring my closet but also my couch, rug, and holiday decor — I may have just gone mad for plaid!

Lifestyle influencers across the globe are embracing plaid as this season’s go-to look not only for your clothes, but for your home. Fashion designers and interior designers alike adore this cross-hatched pattern that can range from symmetrical and sophisticated to fun and rebellious. And who can blame them? 

This classic, timeless, bold pattern has been around for centuries and is constantly reinventing itself from the preppy Vineyard Vines popped-collar shirt to the casual Hearth and Hand by Magnolia throw at Target. No wonder this pattern’s versatility has no end.

Sourced by: Vineyard Vines

Sourced by: Hearth and Hand by Magnolia at Target


Speaking of no end to inspiration, here are a few unexpected ways to incorporate plaid in to your home:

Sourced by: Caitlin Wilson Design Instagram

Sourced by: Caitlin Wilson Design Instagram


Sourced by: andersontuftex.com


If you aren’t ready to commit to a big statement piece and just want to dip your toe in to this “plaid mad” craze, try it out as a throw pillow, fireplace screen, or seasonal (that’s even more temporary) holiday decor!

So, next time you are getting dressed and can’t think of what to wear, don’t stare in your closet to get inspiration. Go back to your couch and reimagine looks with what surrounds you because fashion and interiors go hand in hand!

Sourced by: Pottery Barn

Sourced by: Crate and Barrel 


Written by: Nikki James


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