July 8, 2019

What Style Personifies You Most?

Written by: Aprill Rife

Have you ever wondered why Ashton Woods model homes are staged with multiple styles and palettes? In the Raleigh area, we have several models open for up-and-coming communities, each designed to stand out with an independent look and feel. This approach helps potential buyers understand the possibilities of personalization and how the Studio can help them embrace their unique style.

At the Raleigh division Studio by Ashton Woods, we highlight the unique identities that speak to a variety of personal styles. Below are a few model homes recently completed by our Raleigh Studio team using our signature approach to design.

The Makenzie home plan, a model at Ellis Crossing in Durham, maintains an overall Bohemian style with several textured objects and wall art. This space features well-curated décor that gives each area a well-traveled feeling. Here, guests are urged to relax, wrap up in a blanket by the fireplace, and pour a warm cup of hibiscus tea.

The York home plan, our Ridgefield Farms model in Cary, features a lived-in Moroccan style. Layers of patterned fabrics, colorful mosaics, metal lanterns, textured walls, and jewel-toned colors embrace a sense of slow living and magical moments waiting to happen. There is a distinct feeling of uniqueness throughout this model, building suspense as you move from one room to the next.

The Waverly home plan, our model at Glen Park in Cary, has an Eclectic style. This approach borrows from several design methods to spark the imagination with unexpected contrasts. Contrary to typical design advice, this style is not simply thrown together; it relies heavily on coordinated color, pattern, and texture to provide cohesion. With high contrast and memory points throughout, this model is made for entertainers and is a socialite’s haven.

Our Greenville home plan, at Pinebrook Hills in Raleigh, showcases Transitional style. Often referred to as “timeless design”, the look merges traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, and fabrics to create bridge the gap between classic and casual design — with massive staying power. Lines are simple yet sophisticated, leading this style to be among the most popular, and highlights an appreciation for elevated design.


Our Kildaire Crossing model, in Cary, is the Wheylon home plan styled with a  Contemporary look and feel. This style replaces the hard lines of stark modern design with softened furniture textures and rounded lines. Interiors contain neutral elements and bold colors like blacks, whites, tans, and grays. The overall design is focused on the core principles of line, shape, and form. This model would fit someone’s style who loves an organized and structured look, while still delivering a very livable home that is bright and open.

Are you ready to get inspired? Experience the possibilities of Ashton Woods by visiting one (or more!) of our model homes — or discover even more tips and tricks from our designers. 



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