April 17, 2019

Dive In

October 15, 2015:

Tara Deans, Raleigh Studio Manager


One of my favorite things is to dive head first into a pool. It’s one of those rare times you get to feel like a kid again. And, for a few brief seconds, there is that rush of being carefree, surrounded and totally submerged in water.What about a nice hot bath? Sometimes my big event of the week is a date with the tub, a glass of wine and some music or Netflix. Source: KohlerShowers? The awesome feeling of washing the dirt and stress away, letting the hot water run over your head for a while; it’s ecstasy! Source: MoenLiquid Intake! I love a hot cup of coffee in the morning, a tall glass of ice water during the day and a warm cup of tea before bed. Source: MoenBrushing your teeth, washing your face, bathing the kids, bathing the dog, washing the car, doing laundry, the dishes… All the things we do with water. Water is not only essential to life, but it is present in some of the best parts of our day and even many of the chores. Where would we be without plumbing to bring the water to us? Kohler Vox Sink

Kohler Prolific Sink

Source: MusteeInvite water into your home with the incredible plumbing pieces that are available in The Studio! You won’t regret giving water the best vessels and conduits to bring you happiness and functionality. So dive in and purchase great plumbing. And when you are done, don’t forget a good cleansing system. Dive in…Flush out. Source: MoenSource for Header Image: REUTERS

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