April 23, 2019

7 Holiday Design Tips for a Sophisticated Home

Pam Connors, Interior Designer, Atlanta Studio

Make your house look festive and fabulous with these holiday design tips!

Tip 1: KISS-Keep it Simple, Santa!

When you get sucked into the holiday spirit, it’s tempting to go overboard with décor. But adding layer upon layer of seasonal decorations can overwhelm your home’s design and get complicated fast. A simple, clean look can still show off your holiday spirit and be more sophisticated and striking. Plus, it’s much easier to store when the season is over! holiday design inspiration

Source: Nalle's House

holiday design inspiration

Source: Lauren McBride

Tip 2: Repeat after me: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

If you follow this blog, you know that at Ashton Woods, we live by the 5 Principles of Design and the principle of Rhythm is a simple way to create sophisticated holiday décor. Choose one item, like a wreath or pretty candle holders, and line up a group of identical or similar versions. The effect is easy to put together and easy on the eyes.

holiday design inspiration

Source: Little Miss Party Planner

holiday design inspiration

Source: My Attic

Tip 3: Pick a Color, Any Color

Selecting one color and using exclusively throughout your décor is another way to make a memorable holiday statement. It doesn’t have to be the traditional green or red either. Choose whatever color feels most festive to you and pair it with a simple background to create consistency throughout your home. If you do go for classic red, create a twist on the tradition by mixing different shades from bold cranberry to deep maroon for a sophisticated take. holiday design inspiration

Source: Breezy Designs

holiday design inspiration

Source: Kara's Party Ideas

Tip 4: Have the Holidays Make You See Red

You can’t go wrong with classic red classic red for the holidays! Stick to tradition with simple candy cane red or white or create your own twist by mixing different shades from bold cranberry to deep maroon for a sophisticated take.

 holiday design inspiration

Source: Oprah

holiday design inspiration

Source: Good Housekeeping

Tip 5: Put a Bow on It

Nothing signifies the giving of the season more than a big, delightful bow. And when you incorporate bows into your holiday design, your whole home feels like a present to yourself and your guests. Ribbon is simple and inexpensive, meaning you can easily create a cohesive feel throughout your home with yards of pretty fabric. Tie them into bows to adorn chair backs and wreaths or simply drape them along banisters and tree branches. holiday design inspiration

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

holiday design inspiration

Source: Style Me Pretty

Tip 6: Go Big or Go Home!

Do you remember the Design Principle of Proportion? Playing with the proportion of your home design can make spaces feel more dramatic or cozy. For the holidays, go big and bold! Large-scale décor pieces pack a big punch without the effort that comes with dozens of tiny details. Choose items you really love and just a few can go a long way. holiday design inspiration

Source: The House that Lars Built

holiday design inspiration

Source: One Kings Lane

Tip 7: Go Out on a Limb

If there’s one rule to follow when decorating your tree, it’s this: don’t skimp on the lights! For a lush blanket of festive twinkling, use approximately 100 lights for each foot of height. Start at the back of each limb and work forward and back to create depth that provides the perfect backdrop for your ornaments. holiday design inspiration

Source: French Country Cottage

holiday design inspiration

Source: In My Own StyleAll of us at The Studio by Ashton Woods wish you a very happy holiday and we look forward to a new year of helping you personalize your home. 

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