April 17, 2019

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Kristin Wilson, Tampa Studio Manager

What’s that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if my iPhone collection of photos is any indication, it would tell you a lot about me.  With over a thousand photos in my album, almost half are design related. Whether it is one of our latest model homes I fell in love with, or an element in a restaurant I loved, I save these photos for inspiration. Once you have designed a home I dare you to walk into any new space and not notice one unique element. I hear this all the time from our buyers. They will say “I never noticed grout color before, but now it is the first thing I see.”  This is so true! I cannot go into a space and not take notice of its design details.

I remember walking into Oxford Exchange for the first time and thinking “Wow” I cannot wait to share this beautiful design with our Director of Design Studios Leigh Spicher and Valerio Muraro, our Director of Design. I took quite a few photos that day…

Here are some images from the OE blog, which are much better than my quick iPhone shots.

Source: Oxford Exchange

The use of old and new and different textures balance this foyer. The barrel ceiling detail is not justified in this photo, it is truly breathtaking.

Source: Oxford Exchange

Fun Fact: The first time Valerio came to Tampa I brought him here for coffee and what did he immediately start doing…snapping iPhone photos. Why? Because like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We share the same passion and strive to share inspiration at every chance we get.

Visit Naples Reserve, an Ashton Woods community in Naples, FL. You will find this photo in my phone’s collection of photos right now. This is one of my favorite models we have in Naples. The use of neutrals here is truly genius. So simple, yet such an elegant use of materials. I love the use of different textures and tones.

I encourage you to take photos when something or a space speaks to you. Share it with others and use it for your own inspiration in life or in design.

Header image: Waterside, an Ashton Woods community in Tampa, FL. 

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