April 17, 2019

Beat the Heat

May 9, 2016:

Leigh Spicher

Designing a Cool Place by the Fireplace

Summer may not seem like the best time to design a fireplace, but these features don’t just keep us warm anymore. In the 21st century, they add the utmost in ambiance to almost any room or outdoor living area. One of the fundamental principles of good design is Harmony—an agreement between elements—and my favorite way to achieve it is with fire. Think about Harmony as the play between light and dark, fire and ice, water and land, metal and wood, bold and subtle. It can be as simple as sunlight through a window or candlelight on the dining table. So in my mind, the ultimate form of Harmony for the home is a new fireplace. Today, fireplaces transform what was once a fundamental home necessity into a beautiful piece of art that’s often the focal point of a room. The contemporary fireplace is not only beautiful but safe, economical and even green. The new linear fireplace, like the Dimplex Synergy Wall Mount, offers not only uniquely distinct style but also contemporary luxuries such as:

  • LED Flame Technology
  • No harmful particulates or emissions and 100% efficient.
  • On/off remote control
  • Year-round comfort: Enjoy the ambiance of the flame with or without the heater for year-round comfort and enjoyment
  • No flame heat or emission and a glass front that remains cool to the touch for improved safety

Fireplaces can now be found in just about any room in the house. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Luxury Bath: Soak in tub and relax by the fire.

Visit Saratoga Hills, an Ashton Woods community in Austin, TX.

The Great Outdoors: Even in the hottest climates, the evenings are often cool so there’s nothing better than an evening swim, a BBQ and gathering around the fire.

Visit Overlook at Woodstock Knoll, an Ashton Woods community in Atlanta, GA. Visit Hidden Lakes, an Ashton Woods community in Houston, TX.

The New Traditional: A fireplace in the Family Room is nothing new, but the many ways you can design the finish offer the ultimate in fireplace personalization.

Visit Ashlin Park, an Ashton Woods community in Orlando, FL. Visit Holding Village, an Ashton Woods community in Raleigh, NC. Visit Fiddler's Creek, an Ashton Woods community in Naples, FL. Visit Canyon Falls, an Ashton Woods community in Dallas, TX

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