April 23, 2019

Brass is Back

Elizabeth Miller, Phoenix Studio Manager

As I flip through my monthly supply of decorator and fashion magazines, rummage through the endless number of catalogs in my mailbox, and surf the web for all things architectural and design, I can’t help but arrive at an undeniable conclusion…brass is back.

Source: West Elm

At first I didn’t want to believe it. How can this be? I just spent almost a decade trying to get rid of all of the brass and gold in my home, and now it’s back?! From bath accessories, light fixtures, hardware, furniture and home decor, brass is showing up everywhere. Some are even calling it the hottest decorating trend of the year!

Visit Kildaire Crossing, an Ashton Woods community in Raleigh, NC.

Gold does have some great attributes. It has a classic feel and adds warmth to any room. And it doesn’t have to be used in just a traditional setting. You will see it being used in more modern surroundings with straight clean lines, as well as being mixed with other metals such as pewter or nickel.

Source: Domino.com; Photography by: Brittany Ambridge

So I find myself “warming” up to the idea of brass again. I’m not 100% sold on the gold movement, but at least I don’t have to change all of the brass door knobs in my home…just yet.

Header image: Visit Miramesa, an Ashton Woods community in Houston, TX

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