October 12, 2017

Leigh Spicher

Color in design is simply a reaction to our mood. Choose wisely because chances are, you may need to update it sooner rather than later. The good news is paint is usually easier to change than our mood or temperament.I have learned that color trends in design are driven by the current cultural environment. Ask just about anyone right now, and you may hear feelings of discontent, hostility, or instability. On another level, there may also be sentiments of passion, desire, or aggression. One might assume that translates to red, such as Sherwin Williams’ Crabby Apple SW7592.
I personally (and professionally) have another prediction for color in 2018. I do believe color trends will be driven by current cultural influences, however, I believe colors trends will be a reflection of cultural emotion and the need for less drama, less flair. I can’t choose one color (there are so many I love) but I can predict the need for emotional stability and for that there is no better color choice than navy. Sherwin Williams has my favorite hues, most notably, Distance SW6243.
Navy is the new neutral, and pairs beautifully with mixed metals, earth tones, or even crisp white.

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