April 23, 2019

Fashion in Design: Marble and Wood

Miriam Ritter, Orlando Studio Consultant

You always hear talk of fashion inspiring the world of home design. But you may wonder, “Well how does it work? And can I really make it work in my day to day life?” My answer is absolutely! At Ashton Woods, we love to say that inspiration can come from anywhere. Including your wardrobe. One example is this necklace I found online.

Source: LOFT.comOne morning I had this image up on my computer screen and my coworker, Kelly tells me, “That’s LOFT! I almost bought that necklace! I had it in my hand.” It is a simple, minimal and delicate necklace that just works with anything. It easily complements any outfit without being dominant. You can be head to toe in black, white or something colorful and it’s still a perfect accessory.


Source: West Elm 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Source: West Elm

This effortless design is three gold strands of color-blocked wood with white/grey resin bars. It emulates the color-blocked marble and wood objects you find everywhere these days including West Elm, CB2, and Target to name a few. Just like in design, fashion takes on the life and personality of your surroundings. So if your style is minimal/chic or rustic/farmhouse, this necklace goes with any outfit. And the same approach can inspire your home design. Explore how these minimalist marble and wood touches add the same subtle elegance to a room as the necklace does to your favorite outfit.

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