April 17, 2019

Luxury Personalization Within Reach

Leigh Spicher

There’s a big misconception about personalization and luxury living, especially when building a new home. I often hear from homeowners that models are full of extravagant options. But one thing I try to emphasize with homeowners is that it’s not an all or nothing equation. Ashton Woods builds model homes to inspire a wide variety of lifestyles, showcasing innovative design for today’s living.

I often encourage homeowners to experience each room in a model home and determine if that is a place where they would spend a lot of time. In today’s HGTV/Pinterest world, it’s easy to imagine that wine cellar, craft room or walk-in closet made fit for a Queen (or King). But ask yourself: What’s really important to me? Visit model homes with the mindset of finding inspiration that will make your home more suitable to you…not others.

Another way to look at it is when you shop for something to wear, you don’t need to buy the entire outfit but maybe only the designer shoes and some fresh accessories to get the look you need. Or how about this, when you buy a car…do you need every single option or luxury package? No. Chances are the sound system and safety are your priorities and you can leave the extravagant upgraded wheels with the dealer. Designing a home is no different. In other words, luxury isn’t about replicating a model home, it’s about personalizing your home to your needs.

One of the perks of building a new home is you can personalize each room. My best advice for affordable luxury living…choose a few areas of the home where you will spend most of your time and invest there, then choose reasonable, quality options for the other spaces.

Ashton Woods has an immense portfolio of today’s contemporary, luxury model homes and countless ideas for personalization within them. Below are some of my favorites:

Atlanta: The Kensington Model at The Grove:

This is a good example of a model that has it all, but you can streamline the price by choosing options that are suitable for your lifestyle.

Outdoor living has become synonymous with luxury living. That’s because in the 21st century, entertaining has become less formal and more and more people want to enjoy the great outdoors. Essentially, the formal living room has moved outside as seen here in the Atlanta Kensington Model.

Real home offices are here to stay, but gone are the small tech centers where we used to pay bills and keep the land-line phone. Home offices are now special and personalized  to not only the homeowner but their trade, like the loft turned artist gallery shown here.

The pool table doesn’t have to be in the “man cave”. A great way to save cost is to have a shared space for family gatherings or entertaining as shown here where the sophistication of the pool table shares organized, functional space with kids’ toys.

If you’ve ever tried to wash a dog outside or in your own bath, you know the value of Fido having his own space. This option showcases a nook in the laundry room for Fido’s own personal spa.

Naples, FL: The Tarragona Model at Fiddler’s Creek

Not only does this home showcase the traditional, outdoor living Florida is known for, but it also inspires unique design with the outdoor master shower.

In addition to the outdoor shower, this model home offers a unique approach to affordable luxury living: the gourmet kitchen without upper cabinets. Removing the upper cabinets isn’t a cost savings measure, it’s good design meant to provide the culinary enthusiast with optimal counter space for food prep, as well as ergonomically correct storage space below the counters. The lower cabinets are slide-out drawers, equipped with storage accessories for an exceptionally designed kitchen. No step ladder required!

Phoenix, AZ: The Nolina Model at Jacaranda Place

This model home is full of contemporary options but one of the most notable is the courtyard that doubles as a dining room in a moment’s notice, thanks to the folding glass wall.

Austin, TX: The Prague Model at Saratoga Hills

Another way to design affordable luxury is by adding a contemporary linear fireplace in the master bath to complement the return of the free standing tub.

Charleston, SC: The Summerside Model at Freeman's Point

This model showcases an easily affordable luxury: the interior barn door. This option is not only affordable, but design worthy and functional.

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