April 23, 2019

Out of This World Kid's Bedroom Design

Melissa Strong, Atlanta Design Consultant

Moving into a new house can be scary to a young child. Everything is new and different. When we moved, my three year old son’s new bedroom had stark, blank walls and a very high ceiling. For the first few weeks in the new house, he was coming into my room every few hours telling me he was scared. At that point, I knew that I needed to create a super-fun space for him so that he would enjoy being in his own room at night.

kids bedroom

Before: New and scary

It’s hard to come up with a theme that will be exciting for a little boy but also grow with him over the years. In his last room I had painted a large wall of stripes and hung some fun canvases on the wall that went with his bedding. This time I wanted to try something a little different. I landed on an “Outer Space Adventure” theme as I figured this could be something fun but can also inspire imagination, be tranquil and spark an interest in astronomy.

Starting with the walls, I chose two different shades of blue. Using a dark blue for the ceiling helped give the illusion that it was not as high. I used a light, sky blue for the walls. For decoration, I pulled out my big roll of canvas from the closet and started cutting out shapes: planets, space ships, rocket ships, stars and an astronaut. Then I started painting. I used a combination of acrylic paints and wall paint that I purchased little samples of at the Home Depot.
DIY outer space decor DIY kids room decor

In Progress: A little bit of paint makes cut-out shapes come to life.My goal for this space was to be fun but also educational, so I printed out photos of each of the planets and tried to make them look true to life. I enlarged the moon so that I could add a little flag on top where the astronauts landed. I created a 4-foot tall rocket ship that would be blasting off into the room as part of the ‘fun’ aspect. With a combination of cut-out stars sprayed with glow-in-the-dark paint and sticker stars I ordered online, I was able to create a twinkling universe on the ceiling.

Incorporating your child into the project is also a great way to spark excitement. With a simple purchase at the craft store, we were able to find a small rendering of the planets and I allowed my son to paint it all by himself. He now proudly displays it on top of his bookshelf next to his bed.

The last step was to get these canvases onto the wall. Wallpaper adhesive and a velum roller were the perfect tools. After applying the adhesive to the back of the canvas and placing it on the wall, I used my velum roller to roll out all of the bubbles and push out any access adhesive that was then wiped away with a wet rag. Instead of putting all of the fun on the first wall you see when you walk into the room, I decided to put it on the wall that my son sees from his bed.

outer space kids bedroom space themed bedroom

After: An outer space adventure!

With the addition of wooden letter that I cut from MDF board in the shape of a ‘J’ for Jackson, new sheets, bedspread and window treatments, the transformation was complete. The final product turned out even better than expected and my son absolutely LOVES his new space room!

The room inspires us to talk about the planets and the universe and is something that he will grow with. Each night after reading our bedtime stories, we take turns finding all of the shooting stars. The last star that I find is always my favorite one, my son! I love you more than all of the stars in the sky, buddy.

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