April 17, 2019

The New Meaning of 'Forever Home'

October 12, 2017

Leigh Spicher

The term “forever home” isn’t something you’ve traditionally heard, especially as it applies to the younger generations and their first-time home purchase. However, today’s young buyers are savvier than ever and, thanks to the internet, prepared with more information than the generations before them. Today’s buyers appreciate the need for a place they can consider a long-term sanctuary because they have first-hand knowledge of a few key facts about life in the 21st century:

  1. Living near work or working from home is essential to quality of life, reducing drive time, stress and reducing environmental waste.
  2. Parents are living longer and healthier lives. Younger generations are preparing for their future.
  3. Investing in a long-term home now could perhaps reduce the risk of future economic challenges as the result of a move or costly renovations. Buyers today appreciate options for longevity such as well-designed living spaces that accommodate more than the average couple.
  4. People are often transient and are traveling more than ever. They want to build a place to create longstanding traditions or customs. Create a home to come home to.

Ashton Woods Arcadia Ridge KatyVisit Arcadia Ridge, an Ashton Woods community in San Antonio, TX Throw away ideas about the perfect square footage or lot size. Think about how you like to live now, but also include some thought about your future self. Do you enjoy privacy or thrive on collaborative energy? If it’s the former, design a split plan home or include a basement for separate living spaces. If it’s the latter, be sure to build a space that draws the home inside, like a shared garden or gourmet kitchen.Homes today are being built with flexible spaces. What once was the formal living room, can now be a home office but very quickly flex to an extra bedroom for children. Formal dining rooms are joining the well-appointed kitchens as larger shared spaces. Bonus rooms are shifting from just extra space for “stuff” to brilliant living quarters for aging parents. Additionally, homes today are better designed with organized “life planning stations”, that might be the laundry room with multiple washers or a mudroom that serves as the family landing center: often home to calendars, back packs and maybe even grandpa’s golf clubs. Ashton Woods Aria Visit Aria, an Ashton Woods community, located in Atlanta, GA The future is bright. What was once needed for a “house” over the last century has now shifted to a finding a forever home, a sanctuary.

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