April 23, 2019

Travel the World for Design

February 19, 2016

Kristin Wilson, Tampa Studio Manager

Part of our philosophy here at Ashton Woods is to travel the world over for design. Well, a select few from our Naples and Atlanta divisions had the opportunity to do just that! We ventured halfway around the world to Italy. Why Italy you ask? Just over a year ago we partnered with an Italian cabinet company that aligned with our vision. It was now our turn to be immersed in their environment and culture to learn from the best.

The hospitality from Veneta Cucine was unparalleled while in Italy. Their belief in a high level of service, quality, and design was very evident throughout the duration of our trip.

The ladies of the group were welcomed with flowers in Bologna.

So what did we learn? We learned that design lives within you. Style and function are two important factors that revolve around you, your family and your kitchen. It is all in how you live. Veneta Cucine’s mantra is “Good Living” or “Progetto e Persone” Project of Life. Design is not just style, but how you live.

Whether you are refined and subtle or creative and active, Veneta Cucine has something for you. With over 300 different finishes Veneta is always striving to stay cutting edge. With various colors and textures you are able to mix and match to suit your lifestyle.  In Italy we were able to see these choices and blends of color put to life. You will also find many of our model homes and vignettes in our Studios with these finishes.

Here is an example of how style and function come together. This is our Coastal Model at Naples Reserve in Naples, FL. By adding a pantry wall we added more storage to the kitchen. To break up the look we combined two different styles, colors and textures.

Visit Naples Reserve, an Ashton Woods community in Naples, FL.Here is a kitchen designed by Veneta Cucine. Blending a traditional style with color brings a casual approach to this somewhat customary designed kitchen.

Source: Veneta Cucine

Choosing to partner with a company like Veneta Cucine was an obvious choice for Ashton Woods. The unmatched service and design that comes from a country at the forefront of design is just one example of how we at Ashton Woods strive to bring you the very latest in design. It's just a world of possibilities. 

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