July 2, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Why TV DIY Projects Aren’t What They Seem

We’ve all probably watched a DIY show and thought, “That looks simple.” or “I’m sure I could handle that.”  While TV can make the renovation process seem easy, there are several things to consider when tackling projects on your own.  

The Timelines are Rushed.

What happens over 3-days  on TV could easily turn into a 6-week project for a novice DIYer. Plus, you may only see a few people on screen but, in reality, multiple tradesmen may be working on the project behind the scenes (and around the clock) to meet a production deadline.

Mistakes Mean Losing Money.

It’s true that DIY projects can save you money — but only if you don’t make costly mistakes during the process. If items need to be reworked or redone, you’ll find your budget quickly disappearing and your DIY project may end up costing you more in the long run.

These are Planned Projects.

Keep in mind that builders and contractor account for labor and material costs at the beginning of a project, and have the proper tools and connections to finish projects in a timely manner.

And if Something Goes Wrong ...

Last but not least, who will you call if something goes wrong, breaks during installation or shortly after that? Will you have a warranty if you installed or used a product incorrectly? More than likely, the answer is “No.” Here’s an example of an easy DIY project for painting cabinets that clearly went wrong! Taking on DIY projects to beautify your home is always a good idea, but don’t get in too deep in over your head!

Source: Allison Hepworth via Angieslist

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Written By: Julie Primanti, Raleigh Design Studio Consultant

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