Design Tips: Wake Up Your Home With A Pop of Pretty

April 23, 2019

November 13, 2017:

Leigh Spicher

I just love decorating with a pop of pretty, but sometimes it can feel quite intimidating. If you’re like me, it’s very easy to become bored with your neutral pallet, whether it’s beige or gray. In those times, I find myself looking around and wondering what I’m missing. Introducing a single brightly colored item can take any room from so-so to sensational, helping us achieve that “wow” factor that we all desire.If this is your first try at dipping your toe into the “pop of pretty”  pool my first piece of advice would be to start small. I learned the hard way and went in full force. Wrong!This gorgeous kitchen shows a great low-cost way to begin exploring the pop of color world with three red bar stools.

Ashton Woods Asturia Elm

Visit Asturia, an Ashton Woods community located in Tampa, FL.

Now that I know you’re enchanted by this striking new look, it’s time to move on. Let’s think bigger and bolder. Take that old piece of brown furniture you have never liked, play around with one of the hottest new color trends, and bring it back to life with a pop of color. How can you mess it up? You never liked it to begin with! Remember to embrace your space and go bold. Dynamic colorful pieces will set the mood and differentiate the look of your space.

Ashton Woods Asturia Truman

Visit Asturia, an Ashton Woods community located in Tampa, FL.

Ashton Woods Bridlewood at Morrison Ranch Ebony

Visit Marley Park, an Ashton Woods community located in Phoenix, AZ.


By now you’re probably thinking “Wow what a difference!” … but you’re still missing one final touch: art.  Everyone will agree that art is an important part of decorating your home. Don’t be afraid, go for it!  Go as bold as you’d like! Art will help set the mood and finish the story of your space.

Apartment therapy add color

Source: Apartment Therapy 

Apartment therapy add color 2

Source: Apartment Therapy

Love it? Me too. Remember, these are just a few ways to add pops of color to your homes décor. Throws and pillows are also great ways of stepping into this gateway of pretty.Until next time, I must go enjoy my new space with my touch of color. Bye-bye beige, hello pop of pretty!

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