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Keeping your home looking first-day beautiful is one of the keys to loving your home more and more every day. With Ashton Woods, you get three robust warranties; below you can find a quick overview of each. 1 Year: Workmanship & Materials This warranty covers most of the materials your home was built with. You will receive coverage for the exterior of your home, the doors and windows, carpentry, and the finishes on various materials inside your home. That's only the basics – the full list will be contained in the warranty booklet you receive for your records upon closing your Ashton Woods home. 3 Years: Delivery Systems This extended warranty covers the plumbing and utility systems in your home, including electrical, heating, air-conditioning, and water delivery systems. Again, you can always reference your warranty booklet for the extended details. 10 Years: Major Structural Elements This includes major structural components like your foundation and support beams, and is meant to cover any unforeseen defects or deficiencies to the supporting structure your home. We hope this guide has helped you get a quick understanding of how well your home is protected with Ashton Woods. Enjoy your new home! Header image: Visit Copper Ridge, an Ashton Woods community in San Antonio, TX.

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