The New Home Journey

Buying a new home can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and at times, your experience can seem daunting, especially when it is a new construction build. At Ashton Woods, we want to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, as you explore the thoughtful designs that have become the Ashton Woods hallmark. Here you will benefit from the unparalleled knowledge, expertise and taste of our team of design professionals who will create an inspired home that will become the backdrop for the millions of memories you will make inside. Our designers, as well as our entire team of homebuilding experts promise to guide you through every step of the process. So let’s get started!   

Step 1: Find Your Home

Home Journey
Home Journey

Establish Needs and Wants

  • Review your current living situation
  • Determine the reasons why you might want or need to move
  • What are your “must-haves?”  What are your “nice-to-haves?”

Set Your Budget

  • Establish the amount you are willing to spend on a new home
  • Have a home to sell?  What can you make on the sale?
  • Consider HOA, taxes and insurance in your calculation.
  • Use online tools to help you calculate your spending power
  • Get pre-qualified for a loan.

Choose Where to Live

Step 2: Design Your Home

Home Journey
Home Journey

Find Your Style


Visualize Your Home

  • Check out our 360 Degree interactive tours throughout our site and imagine each room as a beautiful backdrop for the memories you’ll make inside.
  • Need an extra bedroom?  Want to add a powder room or a study?  Use our interactive floorplans to see what structural options are available in the plans you love.   You can even imagine how you’ll live with the interactive furniture feature. 

Pick your Favorite

  • Still can’t decide?  Remember, you can compare plans side by side to help determine your favorite.
  • Experience the Ashton Woods Collections to begin to envision how your plan will come to life.

Step 3: Make It Yours

Home Journey

Finalize the details

  • Want the kids to have a cul de sac nearby?  Maybe you want to easy access to the pool or clubhouse? Use our interactive site maps to help you choose the specific lot where you want to build your new home
  • Ready to make it yours?  Schedule an appointment with your community sales team to finish up the paperwork and get started!

Bring Your Vision to Life

  • Time for us to do what we do!  Let’s build the home you’ve been dreaming of! Let’s build a home that showcases your sense of style and truly speaks to you.
  • Interested in personalizing your home?
    • You'll want to schedule your appointment to meet with our design team at The Studio by Ashton Woods. where inspiration and collaboration come to life. Here, you’ll spend time collaborating with our professional designers talking about your style and how you like to live, and take in all the finishes on our Wall of Inspiration. Then, together, you’ll pull your favorites to showcase your own sense of style as you create a home that speaks just to you.
    • Want a designer home without the process of selecting every option? Start with The Ashton Woods Collections – easy to love design palettes of interior fixtures and finishes curated by our very own designers. With the Collections, you’ll get the added touch of a professional designer without the time or complexity of selecting every option.
  • Building a home is an exciting and inspiring time.  Please stop by, ask us questions or simply  watch this incredible  process!  Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of your home’s progress and share them with others on social media with #MyAWHome.

Step 4: Welcome Home

Home Journey

Pre-closing Orientation

  • Your community team will formally introduce you to your new home. This is our chance to get you familiar with your new home.


  • It’s official!  Time to pick up your keys and move-in.

Welcome Home

  • The day has finally arrived.  Welcome to the neighborhood!
  • While we always strive to deliver the perfect home, nobody’s perfect.  No worries!  You’re covered!  Check your email for information on your new home warranty and let us know how we can help.
  • Tell us how much you love it!  We love to see our homeowners living their best life in the finished product.  Take some pics for social media and share with the hashtag #MyAWHome on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.