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5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Retreat

Below are Five Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Retreat:

1. Specialty Wall Treatment

Luxury hotels always have them because they are less expensive than headboards, but provide twice the design impact.

2. Signature Color

Every boutique hotel has one. Make sure your bedroom has yours.

3. Interesting Focal Pieces of Art

Most hotels have local images or abstract art. Your room can be home to art you’ve brought back from travels, like black and white photos or colorful tapestries.

4. Include Seating More Than Just the Bed

Hotels have a little corner where you can curl up with a book, watch TV or chat on the phone. Make sure your room offers you the same hospitality at home.

5. Rhythmic Vertical Lines

Add that “whoa” feeling (you know the one you have when you walk into a beautiful hotel room) by drawing your eye up with rhythmic vertical lines.