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7 Ways to Accessorize Your Home

by Andrea Lee

Many people find themselves overwhelmed when they start accessorizing their home. But you can make it easy, fun, and stylish with these tips:

1. Variety Within Unity:

Find accessories that are similar in color, texture, pattern or material, but not identical.

Source: Frog Goes to Market

2. Get Personal:

Search for accessories that speak to you. This is your home and you want to showcase what you love. Anything that inspires you―from showing off your passion for travel to displaying your favorite color.

Source: Home Bunch

3. The More the Merrier:

Accessorize with curated groups of objects―odd number groupings work best―to add sophistication to any room.

Source: Liz Marie Blog

4. Use Rhythm:

Accessorize in a line by placing repetitive items linearly to naturally draw the eyes from one element to the next.

Source: Ashton Woods

5. Use Balance:

Accessorize symmetrically. We’ve shown you how Balance can create a sense of calm in your home design, and the same applies to your décor.

Source: The Enchanted Home

6. Make a Statement:

Don’t shy away from large pieces to fill your space. If you keep the 5 Principles of Design in mind, anything can work.


Source: Rayce PR & Marketing

7. Make Like a Paper and Edit:

Nothing is perfect the first time around. Feel free to move and remove until it feels right. Less is more!

Source: Ashton Woods