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Bathroom Vanities, Storage and Lighting

by Valerio Muraro

Rushing to get ready in the morning for work, or relaxing in the tub after a long day, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. So let’s throw in the towel and rinse out the old and outdated look of your bathroom. Several cabinet companies offer ways to create different looks using standard cabinet styles. It’s all a matter of being creative in your space and figuring out what works for your day-to-day.

Float Your Vanity

New bathroom designs with a high end, contemporary style have incorporated the “floating” vanity. This look is simple, sophisticated, and unexpected in a traditional American home. And, believe it or not, it’s very attainable! You can use shorter wall cabinets to create a “floating” vanity as seen below. Choose a beautiful countertop, insert a vessel sink, and all of a sudden you have a clean, fresh look in your bathroom. Simple wall tile is used across the floor and up to the ceiling, simplifying the space and drawing attention to this unexpected vanity.

Image Source: Studio You Me

Image Source: Studio You Me

If the “floating” vanity isn’t quite floating your boat, there are still ways to design your space to be unique. Check out this beautiful, under mount sink. Invisible at first glance, this pop of charm and color can create a design focus for either a powder room or master bathroom.

Source: Ball & Albanese / Lonny

Image Source: Ball & Albanese / Lonny

Find Your Niche

It is not only important that your bathroom looks good, there has to be plenty of storage. Creating niches in the wall is a simple and effective way to get a few more square feet of usable space. Shelves can always be applied to the walls, but thinking even more outside the tub, creating a niche is a fantastic way to provide a shelf for those everyday items. Towels, lotion, and tissues can all be neatly displayed here without cluttering the back of your toilet seat or vanity space.

Source: Scott Norsworthy: Munro House

Image Source: Scott Norsworthy: Munro House

Don’t have a good wall to create that type of shelf? Why not try something like this? Creating tall shelves with existing walls provides a fantastic solution for multiple towels, slippers, and bath accessories. Not only is it storage, but it becomes a bit of a design piece in your bathroom that is certainly unexpected. 


Lighten Up

But of course, we can’t forget lighting. Good lighting is important in the bathroom, especially if you are a lady who prefers applying make-up in here. Instead of one direct light over the mirror, opt for hanging pendants or sconces on either side of the mirror, or even in front of a large mirror. This is a great opportunity to incorporate your favorite style into your bathroom, whether you prefer traditional or modern.