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Fashion in Design | Teal Touches – Dramatic & Whimsical

Recently I learned an inside secret: Teal is one of Ashton Woods’ favorite pops of color! Knowing this, I dove into a Pinterest frenzy to see how teal inspires me and learned that this color is quite the character. It’s a fantastic combination of both bold drama, and light whimsy!

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The Smart and Ergonomic Home: How to Make Your Kitchen Work for You!

Being able to personalize your home with Ashton Woods means being able to ensure your kitchen's layout works for you!

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Flooring Trends: Not Your Grandmother’s Vinyl

Learn how laminate and vinyl are setting the stage for the latest flooring trends.

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Fashion In Home Design: The Onepiece

Discover how your favorite onepiece fashion can inspire beautiful, minimalist home design.

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Home Design Color Trends: Then and Now

Explore the history of color trends in home design and look into what the future holds for home decor.

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