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The New Meaning of ‘Forever Home’

The term “forever home” isn’t something you’ve traditionally heard, especially as it applies to the younger generations and their first-time home purchase. However, today’s young buyers are savvier than ever and, thanks to the internet, prepared with more information than the generations before them.

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Color Trend: Prediction for 2018

Color in design is simply a reaction to our mood. Choose wisely because chances are, you may need to update it sooner rather than later. The good news is paint is usually easier to change than our mood or temperament.

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Fashion in Design | Teal Touches – Dramatic & Whimsical

Recently I learned an inside secret: Teal is one of Ashton Woods’ favorite pops of color! Knowing this, I dove into a Pinterest frenzy to see how teal inspires me and learned that this color is quite the character. It’s a fantastic combination of both bold drama, and light whimsy!

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The Smart and Ergonomic Home: How to Make Your Kitchen Work for You!

Being able to personalize your home with Ashton Woods means being able to ensure your kitchen's layout works for you!

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Flooring Trends: Not Your Grandmother’s Vinyl

Learn how laminate and vinyl are setting the stage for the latest flooring trends.

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