April 17, 2019

2018 Design Inspiration: Ditch This, Try That


April 20, 2018Can’t choose between the Scandinavian simplicity, bold blooms, and jewel tones currently flooding your Instagram feed? Use these tips to make your favorite 2018 design trends work for you.

Ditch: Neutrals overload

Adding a pop of personality can be as easy as introducing a featured color. Accent rugs, throw pillows, even photo frames and side tables are fair game for a new hue.

Try: Pattern play What if we said patterns could be your new neutral? It’s true —  choose a geometric focal point to blend visual textures, such as hammered metal, with natural elements like driftwood. For a look that’s clean and subdued, use a smaller-scale pattern in the same tones as larger furniture to blend beige pieces and highlight accents. Ashton Woods GlenPark Waverly RaleighVisit GlenPark, an Aston Woods community in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ashton Woods GlenPark Waverly RaleighVisit GlenPark, an Aston Woods community in Raleigh, North Carolina.Ditch: “Timeless” staples in every room Grouping too many standard items can leave a room feeling lifeless. Set the scene with bold drapes, consider antique shops for art and side tables,  or change up seating with a patterned ottoman to show off your personality and unique tastes.

Try: Matte metallics

From pendant lamps and cabinet hardware to faucets and finishing touches, matte metals add a subtle sheen to any room. Use new options in brass, bronze and even rose gold to soften the lines of cabinetry, tile and walk-in showers.

/dallas/trails-craig-ranchVisit Trails At Craig Ranch, an Aston Woods community in Dallas, TX. /raleigh/waterstone-estatesVisit Waterstone Estates, an Aston Woods community in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ditch: Themed decor

Nautical, tropical, Southern or French, a room can transport guests without relying on kitsch. One quick fix is to swap the obvious, like fish and anchor appliqués, for a texture such as rope or weathered metal.

Try: Well-Traveled Touches

Incorporate colors, patterns and objects from one of your favorite destinations. Showcasing a few conversation pieces in a cozy seating area will keep guests talking and create a relaxed, comfortable space.

Ashton Woods Raleigh Braemore GreenwoodVisit Braemore, an Aston Woods community in Raleigh, North Carolina. Ashton Woods Sarasota Palmer Park GasparVisit Palmer Park, an Aston Woods community in Sarasota, FL.

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