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Designer Spotlight: Nikki James

Say hello to Nikki James, devoted mom and manager of The Studio by Ashton Woods in Dallas, Texas.

When homeowners step into our Dallas Studio, they’re often met by Nikki, who gets to know their design style and their daily lives to help them bring their vision of home to life. We sat down with Nikki to get the inside scoop on Ashton Woods’ Collections and hear her tips for those building a new home.

How did you get into home design?

I have always had a passion for all things design and fashion. I started in the homebuilding industry in 2004 in new home sales, transitioned into an area sales manager, and then from there, I became the design studio manager.

What’s been your favorite thing to work on at Ashton Woods?

Helping create the newest rendition of curated Collections for our Dallas homebuyers! Our Collections are palettes of interior finishes that help buyers find a look they love, without the complexity of having to choose every detail. I love collaborating with my peers to help design a series of Collections that can fit anyone’s style.

Outside of design, what are your other hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are whatever my kids are involved in. I spend all my spare time at baseball, football and cheer, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Fashion, travel and Instagram.

What is your favorite AW model home and why?

My favorite model right now would be the Pallazzo model at Tenison Village. I love the light wood tones and the monochromatic theme throughout the home.

What’s your favorite Collection and why?

I love the Rosemary Collection. It is moody and dramatic with the dark green cabinets and gorgeous black Silestone countertops.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I love neutrals — in my clothing, at home and everywhere. A good neutral palette lets me change out my decor and accessories to go with any season or event. Not to mention, it’s just timeless!

What are one or two key tips you’d give Ashton Woods homeowners for decorating their new space after move-in day?

Take your time filling the space — you just bought a new home! Don’t get overwhelmed if you have an open space and are unsure what to put there. Sometimes it takes time to live in the space before you truly know what you want where.

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